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The difference makers

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About the project
Cubsec are not like other security companies. They are visionaries that do not settle for treating symptoms, they work to make a real difference. By asking the right questions they are getting deep knowledge about their customers’ needs for security solutions and the underlying factors. We helped them to develop a new brand strategy, a communications platform and visual identity to match their soul.
Balance between
We wanted to create a brand strategy and visual identity that reflects Cubsec’s core values and differentiate them from their competition. When you are working at Cubsec you are not only a security officer, you are a a difference maker.
As a difference maker you are working for a greater value, an open society where you don’t have to lock your doors. What makes Cubsec unique is that they are working for a future where they are no longer needed. In fact, we made it their brand vision.
Cubsec’s core values are innovation, transparency and commitment. Modern technology is a fantastic tool to use in order to enhance performance without losing personal touch. Cubsec understand that it is not only about providing security solutions for customers, but also about providing a sense of assurance. For us it was important to make this visible through their new communications platform and visual identity as well as their brand strategy.

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