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Young Experts

project 22/32
About the project
Brandt Bil is a family-owned car dealership. In this project, we don’t mention that at all. Why? Because Brandt’s mission with this campaign wasn’t to sell cars or to talk about their past. Their mission was to show today’s youth that Brandt holds great possibilities for them. They wanted a recruitment film to inspire the next generation to help bring Brandt into the future. Instead of showing flashy cars, we chose to speak to the target audience seriously - simply because they should be taken seriously.
Balance between
Brandt Bil
Gen Z is often described as the “egoistic generation”. Brandt Bil does not share this view. They see talented and passionate individuals with interests and advanced skills that the future is in desperate need of. They want these competent, young people of the new generation to consider Brandt as a future place of work where they can be stimulated and challenged, as well as a place where they themselves can challenge what is and isn’t possible.
In the film Young Experts, we highlight just that: young experts. We portrayed them in their natural habitat, the places where they master their crafts, and connect their interests and qualities to what a future at Brandt could mean for them. The film was shown on local television, streaming services and social media.
With the initiative Young Experts, Brandt’s brand is positioned as a visionary and apt to change company with a warm personality. Furthermore, they are positioning themselves as an actor who is more than ready for whatever the future brings.
From a recruitment perspective, the campaign has a multifaceted appeal. On the one hand, it speaks to the young people that are finally being seen as valuable assets in their expertise. On the other hand, it speaks to the parents, teachers and other influential figures that are presented a company where the young experts in their lives can have a bright future.

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