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In 1952 Bengt Dahlgren entered the world of real estate development, and it has not been the same since. It has never been about developing innovative properties only, but about creating value for the future’s benevolent society. We work closely with Bengt Dahlgren as they are taking innovative engineering and real estate development One Step Further by actualising their new business strategy.
Balance between
Bengt Dahlgren
To write a business strategy is one thing, but to implement it and make all talents adopt it is another. It is a process that requires creativity, sensitivity and great listening skills. Together with Bengt Dahlgren we wove together the new business strategy with their strong brand to create a unified whole. We both know how important it is to maintain a healthy company culture and care for the brand’s core values even in times of change.
To reduce feelings of uncertainty and spark motivation we made sure all employees were included in the process and placed the strategy in a relatable context. We also linked the strategy to Bengt Dahlgren’s history as innovators rather than a real estate managers. The adaption to the future should not be experienced as something that comes from outside, it should be a motivation that comes from within. Together we create the future.

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