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TEArs 2.0

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About the project

Bergstrands is a family owned coffee roastery in the heart of Ringön, Gothenburg. For over a century they have been selling tea and in 2016 we came up with the sub-brand TEArs. In the world of TEArs the tea is brewed on emotions such a tears of love, tears of joy or pain tears and in 2022 it was time for a makeover in design and a renewal of the concept.

Balance between
Bergstrands Kafferosteri
The brief was simple: due to sustainability optimisation the TEArs packaging will go from individual designed cylinders to eco friendly paper boxes with one design regardless of the tea flavour inside. “Make a design thats still interesting, even though the 8 different teas will look the same in the shop, on the hotel breakfast buffet or on your shelf at home.” Our solution: a tilable design.
There are many reasons to cry. Like too many to be honest. Heartbreak, the ending of the Adam Sandler film Click, when the first sunlight of spring hits your face or simply chopping onions. We wanted to praise the act of crying regardless of the reason, and offer the cry baby support in the shape of a steaming cup of tea. And that is why the crying eye is the symbol for the new TEArs packaging.
With heaps of fun copywriting and inspiration from tarot cards, old school tattoos and the tea ingredients them selves we made a packaging that would pop in every space - especially if you put multiple boxes next to, and on top of, each other to get that tileable and scalable design. It’s a sustainable product inside out, but because of that it doesn’t need to have that rough cardboard with typewriter font aesthetic, right?

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