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Conceptual architects

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About the project
Studio Kin is a team of interior designers and architects that originates from the interior design practice Lundwall Architects, also known as LWA. The company took a new shape through a concentrate of its key people and a new and interesting mixture of skilled and experienced individuals. We helped them with the branding, the concept and the new company name.
Balance between
Studio Kin
The people of Studio Kin do not just furnish and decorate – they create unique spaces through a deeper understanding of what people wish for, long for and only dream of experiencing. With an expertise that ranges from interior architecture and design to concept development and styling that really ties a room together, we couldn’t just settle for calling them interior designers or architects. We call them conceptual architects.
We wanted to find a name that winks at the company history, that reflects the family ties within the studio and portrays the closeness they have to their clients. And the name grew quite organically from there: Studio Kin.

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