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Roasted in the heart of Ringön

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About the project
The small family owned coffee roastery Bergstrands Kafferosteri was founded over 125 years ago and is now run by family members of the fourth and fifth generation. At this roastery, nothing is left to chance. The coffee beans are carefully selected and roasted to perfection, so that each cup takes you on a ride that bring all your senses to life. Bergstands came to us with a wish to create the feeling you get as you step into the roastery and make it a prominent part of the brand and all of their communication.
Balance between
Bergstrands Kafferosteri
Bergstrands Kafferosteri has a passion for coffee that never cools down. What better way to show that than through a video narrated by the coffee hunter himself?
Bergstrands is known for its creative flavours. We wanted to create packaging that reflects their curious tastes as well as the happy and creative people behind the company.

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