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Mölndal Energi

project 13/32
About the project

Sustainability assignments are more important than ever before. The earth has had enough and we all have to change to put the process right again. This is a great opportunity for us as an agency and for anyone who work with a brand filled with soul. One of our first Sustainability assignments was for Mölndal Energi. They wanted a fresh new beginning based on their vision: We want to be the leading player in the adaption to a sustainable society. Our solution was a differentiating and sustainable new strategy and design that embodies the vision and communicates the brand messages Development, Sustainability and Close.

Balance between
Mölndal Energi
To integrate the brand message with the design and at the same capture the environmental images the brand deserved, we rode a bike to capture areas around Mölndal. These places were then used in communication together with its coordinator to inspire the target group to get out into their surroundings while getting a positive image of Mölndal Energi and their hometown.

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