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Farbror Arnes

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About the project
Triumf Glass is a family owned, traditional Swedish ice cream company with a history few can compete with. The founder, a man named Arne Müntzing, started his ice cream career at the very young age of 14 in 1931. To celebrate and honour Arnes memory, Triumf Glass launched a special series of ice cream called Farbror Arnes – and we helped them create a concept worthy of the name.
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Triumf Glass
Arne’s dream of becoming an ice cream entrepreneur was realised in 1946. He then started Triumf Glass in a small space on Allmänna Vägen at Stigbergstorget in Gothenburg. It truly was the beginning of a life's work. Today, the company sells ice cream for up to 400 million swedish crowns a year.
Farbror Arnes ice cream is crafted with fresh heavy cream and the very best of ingredients, hence its genuine layout and imagery. The packaging design has a timeless look, where old meets new. The stripes create a stable foundation and together with a composition of modern fonts it gives a subtle wink to the trends of the 50’s.
During spring 2020, we launched Farbror Arnes with an outdoor campaign accompanied by social media feeds. We brought the history and traditions to life with a modern twist through a series of studio photos that focused on the craftmanship, fresh heavy cream and the simple pleasure of a great premium ice cream.

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