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True zero emissions

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About the project
PowerCell Sweden is a Swedish engineering company, challenging the current power generation systems with sustainable and future-proof alternatives. They help their customers reach zero emission goals through fuel cell technology. To take the next step and launch their products globally, Powercell recently created the new brand PowerCellution, as an umbrella for product and service offers worldwide. We contributed to a successful launch with the creation of the new Powercellution website, an updated Powercell site and brand content, such as films and SoMe-posts.
Balance between
Hydrogen electrification and fuel cells have been the new black lately. Stock markets, media and government initiatives are all praising the technology. And it is here to stay. Why wouldn't it be? A technology useful for stationary power generation, marine propulsion and for on- and off-road vehicle applications - with no other emissions other than clean water. What's not to love?
If all this seems too good to be true – just add in the fact that it also offers ways to both store and transport green energy from sources like wind and sun. Through hydrogen and fuel cells, the clean energy can now be stored and used when needed, not just when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. To make a great thing even better, the process itself generates water hot enough to warm our homes and offices.
At Sould we are proud to play our little part in this paradigm shift. We are in no way responsible for the technological progress, but if we can help spread the word it might help on the way towards a cleaner, greener future!

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