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The way to a new career

project 3/32
About the project

KYH offers higher vocational education – a post-secondary form of education that combines theoretical and practical studies. It’s an experience-based and efficient way for those searching for a new and exciting career. KYH is one of the best schools of its kind and offers 18 different programmes in urban development, economics and IT. KYH wanted us to take a closer look at the brand and update their offer through a new look and feel.

Balance between
KYH got a visual update that was applied to the programmes on the website. We also developed the programme descriptions by focusing on the core parts of the education: knowledge, experience and the close collaborations with the industries.
Every year around admission, there’s a harsh competition between the schools in this segment. KYH hoped to increase the number of primary applicants – which they did by a thousand from the year before. The crisis around the coronavirus has of course had its effect on the increase, but the numbers are still very impressive.

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