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About the project
Bergstrands Kafferosteri has been selling tea for over a century and wanted to create a new tea brand of their own. We noticed that the market had plenty of room for a tea of great quality served with a sense of humour. So, we came up with TEArs – a tea brewed on emotions.
Balance between
Bergstrands Kafferosteri
Tears of joy, tears of love, speed tears, there are many examples of emotional tears. And there is one thing that unites them – the feeling is always best matched with a nice cup of tea. Eight different flavours was packaged in eight different tears.
TEArs were launched in stores in 2016 and soon became the house tea of restaurants and cafés all over the country. We kept TEArs activated through a well curated feed on social media with vibrant still life photos, fun philosophies and simple recipes.

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