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project 30/32
About the project

Tången is an investment company that, in a relatively short period, has established a position in the market. With clear expertise in manufacturing industries overall and specifically within its defined business areas, there was a recognized need to clarify this for both existing and potential portfolio companies. The objective is to lay the groundwork for long-term growth through new investments and towards the next phase of the journey.


Balance between
In collaboration with Tången, we developed a brand strategy, visual identity, website, and various tactical approaches across digital channels and corporate presentations.
How does one stand out in a conservative industry? The answer lies in integrating Tången's extensive experience with an underdog perspective on the sector. The idea is for anyone Tången encounters to feel that there's a human behind the investment, not just an Excel spreadsheet. Emphasizing long-term value-building over short-term gains is the focus.
Identity-wise, a fundamental pillar for Tången is to be intimately connected with its portfolio companies. The unique value for investors is created through proximity and understanding of operations. Being at home on the factory floor and instilling confidence in an organization undergoing change is crucial.
Visually, it's essential not to appear overly polished and flashy. We've struck a balance between a sense of security and calmness in color choices, combined with an icon library linked to products and industry. The visual style also maintains a clear connection to what is produced within the Tången group.
Tången's journey has just begun, and we find it incredibly exciting to play a small role in the forward trajectory. Achieving ambitious goals is a testament to the role that the clarification of strategy and identity has played today, and hopefully, it will play an even larger role as we move forward together.

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