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Sarah Klang

project 25/32
About the project

Sarah Klang is a pop/country artist who has got alot of praise both in Sweden and internationally for her powerful voice and heartbreaking love songs. On June 9th she entered Stora Scenen on Liseberg for the very first time and we helped her bring the dreamy, flowy, midsummer dream to life on stage.

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Balance between
Sarah Klang
Live music might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a brand and design agency. However, music is in our DNA and so is branding, conceptualizing and set design. So why not combine all of it?
Together with Sarah we came up with the concept of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. A dreamlike scenery worthy of the performance. Since the beginning of June in Sweden is breathtaking with all of its blooming wild flowers we wanted to include that on stage to get the real midsummer feel.
Stora Scenen on Liseberg is quite big which worried Sarah and her band. “How will we fill upp all the space?”. The solution was three 4x3 meters tall wooden constructions dressed in flowy fabric and wild flowers to frame the stage and center the scenery without making the rest of the stage feel empty.
Sarah Klang is an artist, but she is also somewhat of a brand. For this project we used her very dreamy, romantic, country diva-vibey aesthetic for brand guidelines, her lyrics for tone of voice and her fans as a target audience.
A special thanks to Mimmi Camillasdotter, Sarah Forslund, Joline Enenge and Axel Wickman for all of your help!

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