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360 Real Estate Advisors

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About the project

Novier is the result of a merger between Nordier Property Advisors and Novi Real Estate. Two real real estate actors with prominent names in the industry and years of experience on their own — and even stronger combined. With this compatible marriage the market gets a strong competitor offering a wide range of services that covers all of the value chain, and the result is a 360 costumer experience.

Balance between
From transaction to management, Novier is an all-around advisor within real estate - they call it 360 Real Estate Advisors. With an everlasting hunger for innovative solutions, Novier makes improvements for both clients and tenants. With responsiveness in all stages they understand the businesses of their partners and create value through hard work and original solutions. Whilst they think big and aim for the future.
The way Novier covers all corners with their all-around way of thinking and working is represented by a 360-symbol that transforms into the letter N. The symbol can easily stand alone thanks to its strong recognition factor. Minimalism and simplicity characterizes the symbol which not only makes it modern, but also humble.
A responsive and mobile first design with web components adapted to work both perfectly together and to be used on their own. The design is in that sense scalable and multiple landning pages can be developed and designed with great variation without challenging the brand identity or compromising the user experience.

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