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About the project
Farbror Arnes is Triumf Glass premium segment and a dear Souldmate. Over the last four years we’ve created this velvety, retro influenced conceptual campaigns for digital and analogue exposure. This year we went all in Sticky Business for 2023’s novelty Nötkola (Macadamia & Salted Caramel). 
Sticky, sweet ’n’ salty, crunchy and creamy. Whats not to love?
Balance between
Triumf Glass
As the hustle of the day comes to a close, our gourmand finds herself eagerly anticipating the moment when she can finally retreat to her secret treasure chamber. A jib-door is everything thats between her and the ooey gooey, dripping, creamy indulgence that is Farbror Arnes Nötkola.
"God smak" - the Swedish term for good taste - is really the core of Triumf Glass and Farbror Arnes sould. Since 1946, they've been serving up heavenly, creamy ice cream that's all about indulging in life's sweetest pleasures. At Sould, we know that good taste is more than just what you eat - it's a way of life. And thats what this campaign is all about: God Smak for people with God Smak.
We're like MacGyver meets Martha Stewart meets Kirschsteiger over here! We live for the chance to mix our digital design skills with some good ol' fashioned hands-on creativity. The set design and styling is solely thrift store treasures, and our fake ice cream recipe is so secret, we can't even share it with the NSA. Being resourceful and clever is all part of the fun, and it allows us to bring our creative vision to life in unexpected ways.

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