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No more door sellers

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About the project

Is it possible to change consumer behaviour in a sector where everybody sell products in the same way? Our client Cubsec is convinced that it’s possible. And with the sub-brand Cubsec Alarm the intention is to sell a home security systems based on consumer needs and not on only what the vendor wants to sell. Cubsec Alarm delivers non-proprietary hardware which gives consumers the opportunity to configure their system and also make it a part of the smart home movement.

Balance between
With a newly developed e-commerce platform that comes as a technical solution provided by Wordpress and Woocomerce and a communications concept that focuses on the consumers’ rational buying points (RBP) rather than the traditional unique selling points (USP) we have increased brand relevance through the customer journey, as well as conversions and sales.
Obviously there is work to be done and improvements to come to fully increase market share. But together, we are on our way to prove that there are new ways to sell home security systems.

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