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How does a technology scale-up elevate their brand and customer experience in pace with an industry in rapid development? Where the investor perspective you encountered yesterday is not the same today, and where your customer is uncertain about the next step? This is the exciting reality at Kognic, where together we have created a new brand and strategy for marketing and enabled best-practice tools to build the customer journey.

Balance between
In the future, everything that moves will need autonomy and Kognic’s dataset management platform enables these autonomous solutions for mobility, robotics and more. This new realm of Embodied AI, where AI connects to the real world through physical interactions, requires powerful software to supply the machine learning models with critical data for training, verification and validation.
For an AI model, and for us as humans, there is a challenge in correctly interpreting what it “sees”, as there is always a present risk that poor data creates hallucinations and inefficiencies in the model. Kognic aligns human and machines.
Over the past two years, Kognic has undergone a significant transformation journey. The company name is new and is intended to better reflect the value the software actually creates - a better mechanical understanding of our physical environment.
Together, we have worked on rebranding, a unified sales and marketing strategy, user journeys, messaging, and the design of outlets ranging from the website to a brand toolkit supporting every step of the user journey.
“Sould’s strong combination of strategic skills in messaging and design thinking has elevated Kognic’s customer experience to a new level of market engagement. We needed a significant step up and Sould pushed us to achieve it.” – Steven Spieczny, VP or Marketing - Kognic
The goal throughout the work has been to clarify Kognic's value for the customer, develop themes that capture customer intentions, as well as highlight the long-term value of Kognic from an investor perspective. In doing so, Kognic positions itself where it belongs, as the world leader in dataset management software for sensor fusion and the promise of Embodied AI.
Kognic has a trajectory of doubling its size annually, and this trend persists. We are thrilled to be a part of this journey and look confidently at Kognic's future and where the AI industry is heading next.

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