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God smak sedan 1946

project 20/32
About the project

Last year, the traditional Swedish ice cream company, Triumf Glass, launched their special range of ice cream, Farbror Arnes. A company filled with history and great taste, they renewed themselves with these luxurious products and this year they’re launching yet another exclusive flavor. We helped them elevate the concept from last year and dug even deeper into the extravagant and velvety world of Farbror Arnes.

Balance between
Triumf Glass
Good taste, or “God smak” as we say in Swedish, is at the core of this concept. The series of videos and stills play on the duality of the pay off “God smak sedan 1946". God smak as in creamy, heavenly ice cream but also as in excellent taste and sense of style since 1946 (just like Triumf Glass which was founded in 1946). We kept the message simple and clear to highlight, instead of outshining, the conceptual expression of God smak.
This year’s novelty is Saltlakrits. A salty liquorice ice cream with salty swirls, dipped in white chocolate with liquorice crisp. To capture the essence of God smak and the feel of the ice cream (together with Kladdkaka and Gräddkola), we created a series of videos and stills to conceptualize Farbror Arnes in a national campaign with multimedial expressions.
To keep the concept alive and interesting on all platforms and mediums, we combined the power of digital advertising with outdoor campaigns. In that sense, as an ice cream lover, you are invited to the kitschy world of Farbror Arnes, regardless of whether you are connected or disconnected.
There is something deeply satisfying about ice cream; the look and feel of velvety cream, gooey caramel and crispy chocolate. We wanted to do a Farbror Arnes take on the oddly satisfying ASMR trend seen lately on social media. Luxurious, soothing and visually pleasing videos of ice cream, with popular cultural references, you can’t go wrong with that!

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