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För dig som vågar gå solo

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About the project

Frivision is on an exciting journey. They have come a long way and the best is yet to come. Their brand platform is both the foundation and the starting point for the next stage of Frivision's journey. It will launch the brand into the future without losing the soul that has taken them to where they are today. It will ensure that Frivision is uncomplicated, more attractive, more exciting and last but not least; completely unique.

Balance between
The solo entrepreneur is our hero. The person who makes a reality of what many others are just talking about. The person who risks everything to work with their passion. The person who does not wait for someone else to their dreams come true. The person who looks forward to Mondays and dares to go their own way. Who dares to go solo.
The main purpose of the logo is to inspire solo entrepreneurs and highlight the brand's identity, combining the name and symbol. The logo includes a modified variant of the brand's font and plays on a visualisation of the solo entrepreneur.
To break new ground in the traditional accounting industry, we are continuously optimizing the digital presence of Frivision, from first contact in social media channels to increasing conversion on page. One of Frivision's absolute strengths is human contact, but we must let their clients choose their preferred way of connecting and maintaining communication, in a way that best suits their needs.

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