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About the project
Factoringgruppen is a Gothenburg based company, on a mission to give small businesses the opportunity to be flexible and make smart decisions. In both the long- and short term. The business of factoring hasn’t always had the best reputation, but Factoringgruppen is here to change that. The big challenge was how to communicate their position in a credible way. How can we spread the passion and entrepreneurship you actually feel when you meet the people behind Factoringruppen?
Balance between
Our solution is transparence, education, humanity and to always put the costumer, and the costumers costumer, in the first room. Factoringgruppen is not a quick fix, they are a long term smart solution for a lot of companies out there. Factoringgruppen sees and understands the persons behind the invoices and whilst doing that they differentiate themselves from their competitors.
The color palette consisting of calm and inviting colors is paired with a welded and balanced logotype. By being effortless and grounded, its easy for the user to absorb the identity and it gives Factoringgruppen a humble, yet professional, expression. By using fg as a supporting logotype it clearly shows that fg is a part of the identity, and will in the long run be able to carry the brand on its own.
As a business owner it’s not uncommon to be tied down due to an uneven cash flow. Long administration time and unpaid invoices stops companies from investing in their businesses and that’s why Factoringgruppen wants to help them letting the money do the work.
To launch the concept of letting your money do the work we created a series of short films that gives the viewer an insight to the life and struggles of a small business owner. For example: a self-employed lumberman finds him self in a struggle. His equipment is substandard and he needs an upgrade to streamline his business. By selling invoices to Factoringgruppen, he can easily upgrade without having to wait.
By investing in better equipment, a colleague or a more spacious office you’ll go from Faaaa to Factoringgruppen and let your money do the work.
To activate the brand on a day to day basis, and make the brand strategy really come to life, we use all of the assets above in digital channels. A brand new website, Google presence and both organic and paid content on social media.

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