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About the project
dNovo is a law firm based in Gothenburg and Helsingborg specialized in business law. With certainty, expertise and their heart in the right place, dNovo offers legal problem solving to generate better business for their clients.
Balance between
dNovo is built by incredibly passionate visionaries. Our main goal was to embody their enthusiastic spirit in a new identity and activate it on a brand new website different from other law firms.
There is something very refreshing about creating something interesting and new by just doing heaps less. dNovos website is pretty much stripped from excess information but still serves its purpose by having the right core content. With flexible components, minimalistic and responsive design built to last we let the visual identity take place in all its simplicity.
In the world of business law it’s not unusual to be greeted by very ‘businessy’, black and white, quite terrifying, photos of lawyers. Three piece suits, serious faces and a conservative kind of vibe which is quite the opposite of the warm people of dNovo. We wanted to portrait them as how we and their clients see them: caring, passionate and competent individuals.

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