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Brynt Smör

project 24/32
About the project
Farbror Arnes is Triumf Glass premium segment and also a dear Souldmate. Over the last three years we’ve created this velvety, retro influenced and monochrome concept, and this year we launched yet another campaign for 2022’s novelty Brynt Smör (brown butter). Buttery, creamy, sizzling, rich and fluffy. Is your mouth watering yet? Because ours sure is.
Balance between
Triumf Glass
Meet our gourmet. This self-care guru takes pride in his beauty routine and nothing is left to chance regarding his bath time. In need of some TLC, he spends quality time with himself, sinks into a jacuzzi of bubbling cream and of course topping off his routine with a buttery Farbror Arnes Brynt Smör.
Good taste, or “God smak” as we say in Swedish, is once again the at the core of the concept. God smak both as in creamy, heavenly ice cream and as in excellent taste and sense of style since 1946 (just like Triumf Glass which was founded in 1946). We just know for sure that Farbror Arne him self was a gourmand just like the rest of the characters in the God Smak series.
We never ever want to leave the luxurios, velvety, lush and Liberace-vibey world that is Farbror Arnes. Thats is why the campaign is distributed both digitally and physically and invites the consumer to be inspired whether they’re connected or disconnected.
With stills and moving image on social media, printed ads in an outdoor campaign, cinema ads and also by striping train carriages on MTRX — the next ice cream choice is a no brainer regardless of where and how you meet Arne. Choo-choo!

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