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Brandt Bil Roadtrip - season 2

project 29/32
About the project
Brandt is a family owned car dealership with the fourth generation behind the wheel. 
Since the last season of Roadtrip with Bröderna Brandt, the company has expanded massively in to Värmland, Dalarna and Västergötland and is getting close to a thousand co-workers. What will Madeleines entrance mean to the vibe in the management team, and can the brand keep the family feeling in the business when growing so fast?
Enjoy the ride!
Balance between
Brandt Bil
Sebastian, Christoffer, Madeleine och Erik are confronted with a bunch of assignments via text message, all filmed without script or guidelines.
The first season was filmed in 2019, since then Madeleine Brandt has joined the management after working outside the family business in Stockholm for several years. In front of the camera she was a natural and contributed so much to the dynamic in the group of Brandt boys.
In the first episode both Madeleine and the first challenge is introduced. The challenge is all about giving back for the wonderful people who makes Brandt the inclusive, kind and caring business it is; the employees.
In the second episode it‘s all about speed, action and electricity together with Brandt Båt. Electric surfboards and a all silent electric motorboat - the perfect way to enjoy the Swedish west coast.
One thing about Brandt Bil is that they go above and beyond to please their costumers which has built generations of great costumer loyalty. In the third episode the four Brandt’s are challenged to wrap a car as a gift to deliver to a costumer, and no questions are asked. Except for one; how are you supposed to drive a gift-wrapped car?

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