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Mitt namn är Bengt

project 27/32
About the project

Bengt consists of seven companies and around 700 co-workers gathered in one group of amazing people. A perfect organisation when it comes to flexibility and local knowledge but when it comes to brand building, clarity and communication it’s hard to keep it consistent.

Solution? Brand platform, visual identity, website and the communication concept “My name is Bengt” where we honor the founder but emphasize on the 700 co-workers who embodies Bengt Dahlgren today and in to the future.

Balance between
Bengt Dahlgren
Bengt Dahlgren is a consultant company in community building. Yeah okay, that’s pretty diffuse but it means that they make properties come to life and the people living in the community flourish. The project is exhaustively, from strategy and branding to website and a new creative concept.
The previous identity was, to be frank, a bit conservative. We kept the Bengt blue and added fun pops of color, creative patterns, flexible fonts and a warm imagery. Finally a look that do justice for all the Bengts of today and their amazing, groundbreaking projects.
A website with headless tech stack where we apply the new identity focusing on curated content. Bengt is introduced in a new way and represents the company and the know-how. We've made all the seven companies in to one and present a united Bengt.
Bengt really makes a difference in the community. The technical level is extremely high which makes storytelling quite complicated. With an outside and in-perspective and lots of humor we make complicated projects straight forward, intriguing and introduce Bengt to a greater audience.
Hands up everyone who believes that b2b-communication has to be complicated! Okey no, take your hands down right away. Bengt is in the house with a communication concept that will make everyone desire medical gases.

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